Chumash Circle Long Sleeve T-Shirt -Steel (Gray)


Chumash rock art is a genre of paintings on caves, mountains, cliffs, or other living rock surfaces, created by the native Chumash people of southern California. Pictographs and petroglyphs are common through interior California, the rock painting tradition thrived until the 19th century. Chumash rock art is considered to be some of the most elaborate rock art tradition in the region.  The Chumash are probably best known for the pictographs. Which were brightly colored paintings of humans, animals, and abstract circles. They were thought to be part of a religious ritual.

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“Chumash Circle” shirt is a medium weight, 100% cotton T-Shirt in a gray color.  The upper left chest area holds a small dolphin with Chumash rock painting symbols and the back design is a “Chumash Circle” rock painting emblem.  This is an Island Packers Signature Design

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